Slow-stewed Tofu with Chicken Soup

Slow-stewed tofu with Chicken Soup is a very common chinese dish. This dish is golden yellow in color, and the tofu is crispy outside and tender inside. Simply delicious.

Tofu (豆腐, Chinese dòufu, Japanese tōfu) or Bean curd is a food made by coagulating soy milk, and then pressing the resulting curds into soft white blocks. Tofu is relatively high in protein, about 10.7% for firm tofu and 5.3% for soft “silken” tofu with about 2% and 1% fat respectively as a percentage of weight. The FDA granted this health claim for soy: “25 grams of soy protein a day, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease.” For instance, 100 grams of firm tofu contains 15.78 grams of soy protein.

Recipe: Slow-stewed Tofu with Chicken Soup

Slow-stewed Tofu with Chicken Soup

Slow-stewed Tofu with Chicken Soup

Taste: Simply delicious.

Features: Golden yellow in color, the Tofu is crispy outside and tender inside.

Ingredients for Slow-stewed Tofu with Chicken Soup recipe:

2 eggs
200 grams (0.44 lb) bean curd
50 grams (0.11 lb) wheat flour
3 grams (1/2 tsp) salt
1 grams (1/4 tsp) MSG
5 grams (1/6 oz) chopped ginger
3 grams (1/10 oz) finely cut scallions
10 grams (2 tsp) sesame oil
75 grams (5 tbsp) chicken soup
100 grams (7 tbsp) cooking oil
10 grams (2 tsp) cooking wine

Method to cook Slow-stewed Tofu with Chicken Soup:

1, Cut the bean curd into slices about 4 cm (1.6 inches) long, 2.5 cm (1 inches) wide and 0.4 cm (0.16 inches) thick. Place them on a plate and sprinkle on the scallion and ginger 2 g (1/15 oz) each. Add 1 g(1/6 tsp) of the salt, and 5 g (1 tsp) of the cooking wine to marinate.

2, Heat the oil in a wok to 180-200°C (355-390°F). Whip the eggs and dip the cut bean curd slices to allow them to be evenly coverd with the whipped egg. Deep-fry the bean curd slices until they are golden yellow on both sides. Add the ginger, scallions, chicken soup, the remaining cooking wine and salt, MSG, and when mixture starts to boil, cover the wok lid. Turn to a low fire and cook until the soup is absorbed.

3, Sprinkle on the sesame oil and bring out to serve. Enjoy this Simply delicious Slow-stewed Tofu with Chicken Soup recipe.

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