Sauteed Pine Nuts with Sweet Corn

A representative dish in northeast China, Sauteed Pine Nuts with Sweet Corn is good for both young and old, and is especially welcome among women. The pine nuts in ‘Pine Nuts with Sweet Corn’ taste fragrant, while the corn kernels are crispy and sweetish.

Corn contains high cellulose which can stimulate peristalsis to help to cure constipation, enteritis and intestinal cancer. Corn is also rich in vitamins and lutein which can help delay senility, enhance memory and resist the aging of the outer layers of the eye and skin. Pine Nuts are rich for unsaturated fatty acids and minerals which can help strengthen the muscles and bones and are beneficial for brain and nerves.

Recipe: Sauteed Pine Nuts with Sweet Corn

Sauteed Pine Nuts with Sweet Corn

Sauteed Pine Nuts with Sweet Corn

Taste: Salty, refreshing and fragrant.

Features: Beautifully combined colors of yellow and green.

Ingredients for Sauteed Pine Nuts with Sweet Corn:

100g pine nuts (shelled)
50g carrots (cut into small cubes)
2 green corn cobs (shelled into corn grains, or canned corns in case of off season)
50g cucumbers (cut into small cubes, or green pepper, string bean, to your own taste)
10g spring onion (chopped)
Little salt and chicken powder
15g (1 tbsp) mixture of corn starch and water

Method to cook Sauteed Pine Nuts with Sweet Corn:

1, Heat oil to 110-135℃ (230-275℉). Add in the pine nuts and deep-fry until they are golden yellow. Take them out and drain off the oil.

2, Add a little oil back in the wok and heat it. Add in the sweet corns and stir-fry. Add carrot and cucumber cubes and continue to stir-fry. Then add salt and chicken powder. Get these ingredients to boil for a while and then put in the pine nuts.

3. Pour in the mixture of corn starch and water to thicken the soup. Then it is done and quickly put on a plate to serve.

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