Chicken soup with glossy ganoderma

Modern science has proved that glossy ganoderma contains more than 18 amino acids, 23 organic microelements, polysaccharide peptide, fungal lysozyme, etc. It is capable of enhancing human immune competence,clearing away the lung-heat, nourishing the liver and the stomach, delaying cell aging, reducing human chromatosis, etc. Germanium, chromium, strontium found in glossy ganoderma can resist radiation and can be used for preventing and curing of cancer. Glossy ganoderma is also a convenient and healthy food that is very precious. You can take it with boiling water, stew it in soup, stew with chicken or duck, or infuse it in liquor.

Today,I’d like to introduce you a way to stew Modern science with chicken.that is the chinese Chicken soup with glossy ganoderma recipe. A kind of Guangdong Cuisine.

Chicken soup of glossy ganoderma

Make time: 110 minutes
Make the degree of difficulty : Cut the mound (elementary )

The materials for chinese Chicken soup with glossy ganoderma:
1 chicken,
30 grams of red glossy ganodermas.

Condiment for chinese Chicken soup with glossy ganoderma:

The Huaihe River 20 of mountain ,
10 of matrimony vine ,
15 of longan pulp ,
 1/4 of dried orange peel ,
go core red date several ,
1/4 of arhat fruit.

Method to cook chinese Chicken soup with glossy ganoderma:

1. Wash and peel chicken skins.let it dry and set aside for latter use

2. macerate the dried tangerine peel,throw away the fruit flesh.

3. Add  right amount of water in the pot , then add the chickens and other materials after water Boiling, stew for  1 hour and 45 minutes.

4,Add the longan pulp,stew for another 15 minutes , Add spices according to one’s taste, the serve .

How to cook Chicken soup of glossy ganoderma


You needn’t wash the Glossy ganoderma, as it will wash away the spore powder at the Surface. The other crude drags can be washed with water. Other herbs can be water rinsed.

You can serve this Chicken soup with glossy ganoderma recipe with Dumplings or rice or everything you’d like

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    Superb resources. Wish I could get more information like this by other people! Thanks!

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