Deep-fried Fish In a Chrysanthemum Shape

Deep-fried fish In a Chrysanthemum Shape give you a taste of  Crisp, soft, sweet and sour to the right degree. The fish in this recipe is in golden color and chrysanthemum shape. It is a fine dish to set before anyone you’d like to treat like royalty.

No matter which type of fish steak you enjoy such as salmon, tuna, mackerel, and herring all have omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are very important for our bodies to function properly. Our bodies do not produce these fatty acids and we need to find them in the food we eat. Now, that you know that fish filets are a great for giving your family the fatty acids that they need, did you also know that fish also is less in saturated fat than other meats. This makes fish a heart healthy food.

Prepared our way to cook Deep-fried Fish In a Chrysanthemum Shape!

Recipe: Deep-fried Fish In a Chrysanthemum Shape

Taste: Crisp, soft, sweet and sour to the right degree.

Features: When cooked, the fish is in golden color and chrysanthemum shape.

Deep-fried Fish In a Chrysanthemum Shape

Deep-fried Fish In a Chrysanthemum Shape

Ingredients for Deep-fried Fish In a Chrysanthemum Shape:

1 freshwater fish(preferaly grass carp)about 350 grams(0.77lb)
4 grams(2/3tsp)salt
150 grams(11.5tbsp)sugar
100 grams(5.5tbsp)ketchup
60 grams(4tbsp)vinegar
10 grams(2tbsp)sesame oil
1,000grams(4cups)cooking oil(only 100grams or 8tbsp to be actually consumed)
75 grams(5tbsp)water
15 grams(1tbsp)mixture of cornstarch and water
500 grams(1.1lb)dry cornstarch(only 200 grams or 044lb to be actually consumed)

In Chinese cuisines, Freshwater fishes from lakes, rivers and ponds have always been preferred over ocean fishes, as the freshwater varieties are thought to have a more delicate texture. If freshwater fishes are hard to come by, fine-textured ocean fish such as perch, grouper or snapper can be substituted. salmon, tuna, mackerel is also ok.

Method to cook Deep-fried Fish In a Chrysanthemum Shape:

1, First remove the fish’s head, tail and bones to obtain two large chunks of meat. Place the meat on a chopping board with skin side down. Make slanting cuts deep into the skin with a 6mm-space between every two cuts. Section the fish with every four cuts. Turn the fish around 90 degrees and use the chopper to cut in a vertical manner right to the skin with 6mm(0.23 in)between every two cuts to create diamond shapes of about 6mm(0.23 in)on each side. Spread dry cornstarch on the fish. Dust off unnecessary cornstarch and the chunks will show a preliminary chrysanthemum shape.

2, Add the cooking oil in the wok and heat it until it is about 200-220°C(390-430°F). Deep-fry the ready cut fish chunks until they are golden brown. Put the fried fish on a plate. Now pour out most of the oil but leave about 20 grams(1.5tbsp)of it in the wok for making sauce. Add in the water, suggar, ketchup, salt and mix well. When the sauce is boiling, put in the vinegar, and then the cornstarch-water mixture to make the sauce into thick gravy. Add in the sesame oil and immediately pour the gravy onto fried fish on the plate.

Tips: Tips: Apart from the middle section of the fish used to cook this dish, the other parts that have been cut off can be used to make fish soup to produce two dishes with one fish.

Enjoy this yummy Deep-fried Fish In a Chrysanthemum Shape recipe!

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