Zhangcha Duck (Tea-smoked Duck)

Zhangcha duck ,or tea-smoked duck ,  is a quintessential dish of sichuan cuisine.Although Peking duck is maybe the most famous Chinese duck dishes, more connoisseurs prefer the Sichuan style of smoking before frying it,yea,that is Zhangcha Duck.Zhangcha Duck  is prepared by hot smoking a marinated duck over tea leaves and twigs of the camphor plant.A delicious combination of smoky, crispy skin and moist tender duck!

Due to its complicated preparation, zhangcha duck is eaten more often in banquets or festive events than as a daily household item.

Zhangcha duck, or tea-smoked duck

Zhangcha Duck

To cook Zhangcha Duck you will need:

one Duck,
Sichuan pepper,
huangjiu or baijiu (fermented or distilled Chinese alcoholic beverages).

Preparation of Zhangcha Duck recipe:

1. Prepare the Marinated combination of crushed Sichuan pepper, huangjiu or baijiu (fermented or distilled Chinese alcoholic beverages), ginger, garlic, and salt.

2. Open a small mouth (about 7 cm long) at the back of the duck and remove the viscer, and clean.

Cooking  Zhangcha Duck steps:

1. Wipe the marinated combination to the whole duck, and with much of it rubbed inside the cavity of the duck for about 30 mins- 1 hour.For intensity of taste, sometimes the marinade rub is augmented with choujiu, black pepper, tea leaves, and camphor leaves.

2. Then, put the duck into boiled water to tighten the skin, and then take out and drain the water(to ensure the skin of duck has a crisp snap upon completion).

3. A wok is then prepared for smoking the duck with black tea leaves and camphor twigs and leaves. Following a smoke treatment of approximately 10-15 minutes, the duck is then steamed for another 10 minutes before being deep fried in vegetable oil until its skin is crisp.

4,Let the duck  to cool,then deep fried the Duck in vegetable oil until its skin is crisp.

5,Serve hot.The duck is consumed wrapped in clam-shaped buns called gebao (割包).

Most authentically this Zhangcha Duck (Tea-smoked Duck) would be served with Dumplings, but rice and vegetables would be great too.Believe me this is delicious and infinitely better than a takeaway.

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