Deep-fry chicken fillets with Sesame

Boneless, juicy breast of chicken finished with our own roasted sesame seeds, this Deep-fry chicken fillets with Sesame dish taste Crispy and fragrant.

Sesame chicken is a syncretic dish, commonly found in Chinese restaurants throughout the English-speaking world. The dish is similar to General Tso’s Chicken and, like that dish, likely derives from Chinese Hunan cuisine.

I first discovered Sesame Chicken when I was eating at a Chinese buffet. The juicy chicken and the amazing taste had me hooked from the first bite. I knew right then that I had to make this at home.

Recipe: Deep-fry chicken fillets with Sesame

Taste: Salty to the right taste.

Features : Crispy and fragrant.

Deep-fry chicken fillets with Sesame

Deep-fry chicken fillets with Sesame recipe

Ingredients for Deep-fry chicken fillets with Sesame recipe:

100 grams (0.22 lb) sesame
300 grams (0.66 lb) chicken breast
1000 grams (2 cups) cooking oil (only 1/20 to be consumed)
1 egg
1 gram (1/4 tsp) MSG
2 grams (1/2 tsp) curry
10 grams (2 tsp) cooking wine
25 grams (2 1/4 tbsp) dry cornstarch

Directions to cook Deep-fry chicken fillets with Sesame:

1, Cut the chicken breast intos lices about 0.25 cm (0.1 inch) thick, put in a bowl and add hte curry, salt, MSG, cooking wine, egg and dry cornstarch.

2, Mix well. Bake the sesame until it is done. Put the marinated chicken fillet on a board and dust sesame on both sides. Use band to press in the sesame so as to make sure it will stary evenly on the chicken.

3, Heat the oil in a wok over strong fire to about 180-200℃ and deep-fry the chicken fillets. Take out and bring the oil to about 200-220℃ . Now deep-fry the chicken slices again until they are golden yellow in color.

4. Cut the fillet into smaller sizes and dish up on a plate to serve.

Tips to cook Deep-fry chicken fillets with Sesame:

Chicken breast can easily dry out during cooking. To prevent it, you can use fillets with the skin on as the fat of the skin keeps the meat moist and tasty. You don’t have to eat the skin, though. Simply remove it before serving the chicken.

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