Coca-Cola Chicken Wings (Ribs,or drumsticks)

Coca-cola Chicken Wings (or Coca-cola Chicken Ribs and drumsticks) is a tasty dish popular  in southern China,especially in Hong Kong . The caramel-colored poultry is appetizing and the taste is sweet. The dish is easy to prepare and easy to cook.Today I am going to teach YOU how to cook Coke-cola chicken wings!

Ingredients for Coca-Cola Chicken Wings

Use original Coke is better, do not use diet Coke. (one tin, depends on how many chicken wings)
Nice fermented soy sauce to taste.
Salt to taste.
grated ginger to taste.
Some time I like to chop some red onion nicely to go with chicken wing.
Some fresh chicken wing (depending on how much you can eat).

Coca-Cola Chicken Wings

Steps to cook Coca-Cola Chicken Wings

1,soke chicken wings in Coke-cola as well as grated onion and ginger for half an hour. (To tender the chicken and get rid of fishy smell. )

2,take out chicken and ginger stir-fry with medium heat. I’d like to use abit of olive oil, since chicken wing contain good amount of animal fat; do not add too much oil.Add a bit soy sauce and keep stir, then pour in coke which just over the chicken wings.

3,boil with cover till it’s glazed. keep an eye on it, stir consitantly. otherwise it’s easy to burn!

Tips to preserve Coke:

Keep half bottle of Coke up set down, in that case bubble hardly squeeze out!

You can replace chicken wings with chicken Ribs or drumsticks.

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  2. carolina mls says:

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