chinese Spicy Stir-frying Beef recipe

This chinese Spicy Stir-frying Beef recipe is very popular all over china. The texture of the beef is soft but not tough; chewy but not rubbery.If you love spicy food, you will definitely enjoy this simple and delicious dish. Feel free to try this amazing beef recipe and let me know what you think about it. Enjoy!

Ingredients for Spicy Stir-frying Beef

Beef: 300g

Red Chilie:150g

Green Chilie:150g

Salt: 1 tbsp or to taste

Garlic clove – minced:10g

Soy Sauce:2 tbsp

Oyster Sauce:2 tbsp

cooking oil:1/2 tbsp


Direction to cook Spicy Stir-frying Beef

1.For the beef, Cut into wafer-thin slices.(note: If it is hard to cut,you may try to keep the beef  in refrigerator to freeze for a short momment, then take out to cut).

2. For the Beef marinade, mix the soy sauce(2 tbsp), cooking oil(1 tbsp) together in a small bowl.

3. Put the beef slice in the Beef marinade bowl, to stir them until evenly mixed. Leave it  to stand for 15 minutes.

4. Cut chilies into 2cm/0.8in lengths, shake off as much seeds as possible.

5. Heat a wok until smoking and add the oil(50ml) into boiler, when the oil becomes hotter, add the beef and stir-fry to be deep color,about one minute. Dish out and drain excess oil.

6. Heat wok and add another 1 tbsp of oil (your may use the excess oil from step 5),put minced garlic to fry for a few seconds, then add chilies and stir-fry for a minute or two.

7. At last put beef into together, add soy sauce,oyster sauce and salt and mix thoroughly.

WOW!!!!!! This delicious Spicy Stir-frying Beef dish is now ready to serve.Tender beef with hot chilie, wawa, simple cooking, but very decilious!!

It’s better to Serve immediately.Feel free to experiment and add in any additional vegetable you may like.For example,you may add a few leaves of basil and cilantro at the end.

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