Instant-boiled mutton

Chinese lamb recipes, Pot cooking recipes
September 26, 2010 Instant-boiled mutton (Chinese: 涮羊肉; Pinyin: Shuàn Yángròu), also called the Mongolian Fire Pot or dip-boil mutton, is a very popular Chinese hot-pot dish. In Beijing (Peking), hot pot is eaten year-round. Typical Beijing hot pot is eaten indoors during the winter. Different kinds of hot pot can be found in Beijing – typically, more modern {Tags: } {More...}

Boiled Mutton with soy sauce

Chinese lamb recipes
Boiled Mutton with soy sauce is an easy to cook chinese food, popular in northen china. It Looks very tempting with its colors of white meat and brownish soy sauce. Taste Salty and delicious. Ingredients for Boiled Mutton with soy sauce recipe: 500 grams (1.1 lb) boneless mutton leg 10 grams (1 1/2 tsp) soy {Tags: , } {More...}

Mutton Slices with Scallions

Chinese lamb recipes
September 15, 2010 Mutton Slices with Scallions is Northeast China Style Mutton recipe. The mutton is slippery and tender and the scallions are aromatic. This dish Features a Shiny and beautifully colored with white meat and green scallions. Every like it! Recipe: Mutton Slices with Scallions Ingredients for Mutton Slices with Scallions: 400 grams (0.88 lb)mutton or lamb {Tags: , } {More...}

Sautéed Lamb Slices with Scallion

Chinese lamb recipes
July 4, 2010 Sautéed Lamb Slices with Scallion is one of the most popular Chinese food recipes, and with the effect of tonifying and replenishing qi.The thinly sliced meat acquired very good flavor from all the onions.This recipe is also been translated as:quick-fried mutton slices with scallions.This article will tell you how to cook it. Ingredients for Sautéed Lamb Slices with Scallion: ½ cup {Tags: , } {More...}

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